Past Projects

Multilevel Converter

In safety-critical applications, fault tolerance and resilience of power electronic converters is paramount. For multilevel power converters, the probability of device failures is escalated because of increased part count and system complexity.
Although the larger number of switches in a converter leads to a more sophisticated control scheme, the application of fault-tolerant power converters can be justified in safety-critical missions where the continuous operating availability of power converters is given higher priority. These applications include the emerging more-electric aircrafts (MEA), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), high-power medical instruments, renewable energy conversion for grid applications, electric/hybrid vehicles (EV/HEV), and the like.


Wave Energy Converter

Marquette University competed in the DOE Wave Energy Prize as part of Team RTI.  Marquette University was the electrical engineering lead and designed the data acquisition system, power electronics, electric machine, control system, and electronic brake. Team RTI was a finalist in the DOE competition and traveled to Carderock, Maryland.  The team completed testing for one week at the US Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division. Team RTI ultimately finished in fifth place out of nine finalists.