Current Projects

1 MW EV Charger

The objective of the project is to design and build a fast, high-capacity Electric Vehicle charging device that employs passive convection cooling only. The project will conclude with a demonstration of an electric vehicle charger that takes 480VAC line-to-line rms three phase input at 1200A rms per phase and produces a DC output capable of 1000A at a voltage of 1000V.  The rated output power of the electric vehicle charger will be 1MW for a continuous runtime of ≥168 hours with a duty cycle of 120 seconds at peak power with 20 second no load period.  The proposed efficiency of the converter will be  peak at 98% and ≥95% at 5% load with a power density of 450W/in3 and a specific power of 11kW/kg.


Airloom Project

Marquette University will partner with Airloom Energy ( on their current NSF project to further develop their wind generation concept that promises up to 15X in cost saving. The team at Marquette will focus on various aspects related to choosing the optimum generator topology, materials selection, design and optimization details as well as control-related issues


NASA Project

Marquette University is partnering with University of Wisconsin-Madison as a part of a NASA University Leadership Initiative (ULI) led by Ohio State. The focus of the project is to develop next generation high specific power electrical components to enable aerospace commercial hybrid propulsion. The team at Marquette will focus on the electrical machines (motors and generators) design aspects with special focus on design challenges related to higher system voltage at altitude, winding design and concepts for thermal management.